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You commented "But but but, it's more than 50 Years old....!"

As you can imagine, when ever we put up an ad letting communities know that our show is coming to their town, there's usually 1 or 2 keyboard warriors who don't read the ad and instantly want to furnish us with their knowledge that Fender, and the guitar, is 'obviously' more than 50 Years old and we're obviously a bunch of idiots who don't know anything about what we're doing

It's quite annoying actually.

So this little blog is for you- all of the answers to your comment you didn't know you didn't want:

1. We know

2. Our show is saying something very specific. We've thought long and hard about the concept for our show and it's named accordingly to the commentary we're putting forth IN the show. Honestly, we've probably read more books and researched more players than you have!!

3. We don't want to say too much in our advertising - we want people to come to the show not expecting hear something specific. In fact, we want them to come to the show to enjoy the music, enjoy the history that we talk about, and enjoy what we 'say' in our show.

4. You haven't read the ad - let me help you - it literally tells you:

50 Years of Fender - The Stratocaster Story
Thursday 14th September 2023 | Esher Theatre, Esher, Surrey


50 Years of Fender tells the fascinating story of the iconic 🎸 Fender Stratocaster 🎸across it’s most 5 important decades. Featuring stories interwoven into the songs, 50 Years of Fender is a 2 hour rock n roll rollercoaster of hits from a time when guitar heroes were truly guitar heroes.

💻 Www.50YearsOfFender.co.uk

Call the Box Office:

50 Years of Fender is an independently run show and is not affiliated or endorsed by Fender Instruments. Although - we’d love to work with them!!

#theatre #livemusic

5. We don't need to fill up the posters with the explanation that we clearly and eloquently give during the show.

6. If you read the website that you're linked to, it gives a very big clue as to what period the show starts at… you can work forward from there!!

7. If you're confused - come along and find out what our show is about. You'll probably enjoy it. Nearly everyone else does. And if you don't, you don't!!

And you really should come along… give the internet a break for an evening….!!

And one more thing -
thanks for the comment…. You've help my advertising reach someone who'll 'get it'!!!

This is me below - I wrote this. I run the band professionally; pay for it; market it; produce it; rehearse for it; employ 5 people to work in it; and pay them
even if the show makes a loss - You're welcome to argue with me… Dave!!

Dave 3